Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lesson Plan: Metric Olympics Introduction

The Olympics start tonight!  The Metric Olympics are not only timely for the Olympics, but are also a great way to teach students about the metric system and conversions!  Our lesson plan for the Metric Olympics is broken into five unit lesson plans, which will be posted separately.  The entire unit plan is intended for sixth grade, but can be adapted for any middle-level grade.  The following lesson is a brief introduction to the metric system.

Click the following links for each part: Part I, Part II, Part IIIPart IV, Part V

Title: Introduction to Metric System

Subject: Science/Math

Grade Level: 6th grade, can be adapted for any grade level

Metric System Chart
  • Students will be able to state the difference between the metric system and the English system.
  • Students will be able to give examples of the units of linear measurement, volume, and mass.
  • Ask students for examples of measurements they already know about.
  • Explain the history of the English System. Pick 2 volunteers to be the “kings.” Use them to demonstrate how the units of measurement would change once there was a new king. (For example the students would have 2 different shoe sizes, so the measurement of a foot would change). Ask students why this would be a problem and give suggestions to resolve this problem.
  • Explain units of linear measurement, volume, and mass using a Power Point Presentation.
  • Explain importance of metric system.
  • Show Metric System chart (shown above).
  • Students will take notes on the Power Point.
Materials: Power Point Presentation, Notebook, and Pencils

Assessment:  Ticket out the door: Students will write at least one thing they learned. Students will write something they are confused about or have a question on. Hand in before they leave.

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