Monday, March 17, 2014

Podcast: Philosophy of Literacy

In the following podcast, Amanda Orr shares her philosophy of teaching literacy at the middle grades level. David DiPasqua Jr. hosts the educational podcast.

Here are some of the resources discussed in the podcast:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Video Lesson: Area

The flipped classroom is becoming increasingly popular. Here is an example of a lesson that could be used for a virtual classroom. It also might be beneficial to post on a class website for students to use as a resource while they complete their homework.

The lesson below teaches how to find the area.  It is intended for fifth grade, but could be used for any grade level covering area.

The video was created on a site called Educreations.  It is available online and as a free app in the iTunes App Store.  On the program, teachers can create slides, narrate, record, and upload their lessons.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lesson Plan: Maniac Magee (Chapters 1-4), Semantic Mapping, Vocabulary

This is a jammed-packed lesson, as it is part of a unit plan. The lesson plan has three lessons in one: a before/during/after reading of the first four chapters of Maniac Magee, a lesson on semantic mapping, and a lesson on vocabulary from Maniac Magee. The three lessons were intertwined to create part of a unit plan. The lesson is intended for sixth grade students, but can be adapted for any grade level reading Maniac Magee. The lesson also includes outside sources and a reflection on planning.  The lesson is embedded below.

Lesson Plan: Math Angles Vocabulary

The following is a math vocabulary lesson on angles. The lesson can be easily adapted for any grade level that is covering the vocabulary terms.

You can download the Vocabulary Handout on our Teachers Pay Teachers Page.