Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Educational Apps #1: Math and Language Arts

Below is a presentation suggesting 10 awesome educational applications that you can use at home or in school. Most of the apps are for mathematics or language arts, and range from elementary to middle grades. Each slide provides an in-depth analysis on the app. All of these applications are available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

iPads are an excellent tool to use in education. 21st century learners would greatly benefit by the use of iPads. Not only is it a great tool for note-taking, but there are thousands of apps that can be used for education. iPads provide interactive activity that helps students learn. It is a digital manipulative that can be used for differentiation and help students succeed.

In the comment section, please suggest some of your favorite educational apps!    

Video: 21st Century Learner

The video below defines a 21st century learner as well as a 21st century teacher. It provides essential information on what is needed to help students succeed in a 21st century classroom. It also shows that students want to use technology in the classroom!

 This video was created with Laura F. in November 2013.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lesson Plan: The Giver Alternative Ending with Technology

Title: The Giver Alternative Ending Technology Lesson 

Subject/Grade Level: 8th Grade, Level 2, Language Arts


1.5.8.A:  Write with a clear focus, identifying topic, task, and audience and establishing a single point of view.

1.5.8.B: Develop content appropriate for the topic.
·       Gather, organize, and determine validity and reliability of information
·       Employ the most effective format for purpose and audience.
·       Write paragraphs that have details and information specific to the topic and relevant to the focus.

  • Students will be able to write an alternative ending to The Giver using technology.  
  • Students will be able to share and comment on a partner’s writing, using technology.