Thursday, December 18, 2014

Display: Social Media Door

Check out this bathroom door-turned-social media display!

The door reads, "What's Your Status?"  On the outside, students created "profiles" that contained their name, favorite subject, future occupation, and a drawing of a "selfie."  A whiteboard poster was used, where the teacher can write a proposed question.  Students will then "comment" on the question with post-it notes, or make their "status" using the post-it notes.  All responses relate the question that the teacher asked.  This is a great form of formative assessment, or an exit ticket!

I decided to use a blue theme with the background, border, and letters, since most social media sites contain some shade of blue.

Below is the template for the profiles that go around the door.  Print on cardstock, then glue to colored construction paper.  You can also download it on Teachers Pay Teachers!


"What's your status?" on this display board? Put your response in the comments below, or send us a tweet at @teachsharenet.

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