Sunday, January 4, 2015

Display: Division Family

I made a few posters to help students remember long division. When going through the steps, we used the "Division Family" to help us remember which step went next.

I have also heard other teachers use "Does McDonald's Sell Burgers" as their mnemonic device for long division.

Students were also having some trouble remembering some basic division terms.  I made a little display to help students remember, but the trick was in the sayings!

We chanted "Dividends in the house! Oh Yeah!" while making a "raise the roof" motion.  Try singing "Divisor's knock- knock-knocking on the door" to the beat of Guns N' Roses "Knocking on Heaven's Door."  We knocked on the board/desks when we talked about the divisor.  To round out the house theme, the quotient was on the roof.  

Bonus points if you can incorporate a song for remembering quotient. Please leave it in the comments if you can think of one!

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