Sunday, January 4, 2015

What is a 21st Century Teacher?

This post was collaboratively written by Amanda O., Laura F., and Ellie H in 2013. For more information on this teaching approach, check out our video on 21st Century Learning.

21st century learners require 21st century teachers. 21st century teachers are no longer standing in front of the class lecturing for the entire school day; they create and teach fun and engaging hands-on lessons. Teachers are preparing their students for real life situations with the inclusion of technology. This time period is revolutionary in the classroom.  

A 21st century teacher is one that facilitates technology in the classroom. Teachers take on the role of an adaptor, communicator, learner, visionary, leader, model, collaborator, and risk taker. To be a 21st century teacher, teachers should incorporate the usage of technology whenever possible.  This could include assigning projects that require creativity and collaboration through technological devices such as computers or iPads. Another way to incorporate technology into the classroom and connect with society is through video conferencing. Students can make connections with others outside of school, town, state, or even the country. The opportunities are endless!

Students also learn critical thinking skills and learn to collaborate through technology.  Not only are more individuals using technology for their personal use, but more and more jobs are incorporating technology; therefore it is important to prepare students for these real life situations that require technology. Students are also given the opportunities to learn through being leaders, working as teams, being flexible, and being held accountable for their work. A 21st century teacher stands behind and believes in all of these things. 21st teachers must demand new abilities of students, enforcing these demands in day-to-day lessons.

All in all, 21st century teachers give students the skills that enable them to succeed in the real world.  

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