Monday, February 16, 2015

Lesson Plan: Possessive Nouns

Subject: Writing
Grade: 5th

Integration of Learning Outcomes:
· Students will be able to identify and use the correct rules for possessive nouns.


· 1.5.5.F: Use grade appropriate conventions of language when writing and editing.
o Spell common, frequently used words correctly.
o Use capital letters correctly.
o Punctuate correctly.
o Use correct grammar and sentence formation.


· Walk through Active Inspire presentation and discuss the various rules for possessive nouns. Provide examples. Have students fix certain examples by applying the correct possessive noun rule. Students will take notes in their writing notebooks

· Complete the possessive noun match game (adapted from Teachers Pay Teachers). Each student will get a card. Half will have a sentence with an underlined word. The other half will receive a card with the underlined word’s correct version of the possessive noun. Students with the sentence will have to find their match of the correct possessive noun.

· Complete possessive noun worksheet (p. 9 of WRITE! Foundations and Models for Proficiency)

Formative/Summative Assessment
· Collect worksheet
· Observations

Materials/ Technology

· Active Inspire presentation
· Possessive Noun Worksheet (p. 9 of WRITE! Foundations and Models for Proficiency)
· Possessive Nouns match game cards
· Writing notebooks and pencils
· Computer and projector
· Promethean Board

Note: Click here to download the Active Inspire presentation on Possessive Nouns. The presentation is compatible with Promethean Boards. You will be directed to Google Docs, which will prompt you to download the presentation (NOTE: You must have Active Inspire downloaded on your computer to be able to view).

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