Thursday, January 28, 2016

Assessment: Create Your Own

Finishing up a unit or chapter in science or social studies? Check out this "Create Your Own Final Assessment" project on our Teachers Pay Teachers site!

Students have the option to create their own final project. Students will choose any topic from the studied chapter. The project options include:

  • Comic Strip
  • Magazine 
  • Children's Book
  • Power Point 
  • Song 
  • Tri-fold/Poster 
  • Essay 
Rubrics are included in the package! Students can even present to the class, or you could have a gallery walk!

This assessment portion is different than the traditional test. Students are able to pick a project that they will enjoy, while also showing what they learned throughout the whole unit. Students will enjoy this form of an assessment much more than a test.

Lesson Plan & Scavenger Hunt: Landforms

This lesson was originally used with lesson 1.4 of "Social Studies Alive!" but can be used with any Social Studies program.  Scavenger Hunt materials can be located on our Teachers Pay Teachers Page!

Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 5th

Title: Landforms Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Integration of Learning Outcomes

· Students will be able to define geographic terms for water and landforms by completing a graphic organizer.

· Students will be able to notice the differences between certain landforms and bodies of water by using an interactive Power Point.

· Students will be able to act out or draw geographic terms relating to water and landforms with a partner.


· 7.1.5.B: Describe and locate places and regions as defined by physical and human features.

· 7.2.5.A: Describe the characteristics of places and regions.

· E05.B-V.4: Vocabulary acquisition and use

· R5.A.1.1.1: Identify and/or interpret meaning of multiple-meaning words used in text.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lesson Plan: TAG Peer Editing

Subject: Writing

Grade: 5th, can be adapted to other grade levels

Integration of Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to peer edit their writing pieces with a partner.

  • 1.5.5.E: Revise writing to improve organization and word choice: check the logic, order of ideas, and precision of vocabulary.
  • 1.6.5.A: Listen critically and respond to others in small and large group situations.
    • Respond with grade level appropriate questions, ideas, information, or opinions.