Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lesson Plan: Every Picture Tells A Story

Objectives: Students will be able to…
  • Brainstorm a topic for a narrative by looking at pictures
  • Independently start writing a narrative based on a picture they selected
  • Orally outline a story by looking at a picture
  • PA.R.1.4 – Types of Writing
  • PA.R.1.5 – Quality of Writing
Anticipatory Set: There will be a brief discussion. Ask the students, “What is a writer’s block?” Have students raise their hands and give the definition of a writer’s block. Ask the students if they ever had a writer’s block and how they felt during that time.  Follow this up by asking the students how they got out of the “writer’s block.” Share a personal experience or examples of a writer’s block so that the students feel comfortable sharing their own experiences.

This activity allows students to discuss a topic that they can relate to, but also connect to brainstorming. Explain that we will use one strategy that will help resolve the issue of a writer’s block.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Educational Apps #2: Math Apps

Below is a presentation on educational elementary-level mathematics applications.  The apps are great for home and school practice. Each slide provides an in-depth analysis on the app. All of these applications are available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store.

iPads are an excellent tool to use in education. 21st century learners would greatly benefit by the use of iPads. Not only is it a great tool for note-taking, but there are thousands of apps that can be used for education. iPads provide interactive activity that helps students learn. It is a digital manipulative that can be used for differentiation and help students succeed.

Also included is a handout for parents.  The handout is intended to be a resource for parents, especially to avoid the "summer slide."  The handout provides many math websites with games and practice programs.

In the comment section, please suggest some of your favorite educational apps or websites!

For  more app suggestions, visit the link for Educational Apps #1.