Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Classroom Management: Clip Chart Alternative

For the last two years, I have been using "A Cupcake for the Teacher's" adorably awesome clip chart.  Students have their own clothespins clipped to the chart. For good behavior, students can move their clip upward, while poor behavior results in a downward motion of the clip.  

There are consequences for clipping down, and rewards for clipping up.  If they clip up to "Super Student," they get a star on their clip. 10 stars retires their clip into the "Clip Chart Hall of Fame."  I also included a positive reward system to go along with the chart, where clipping up earned them a ticket for a weekly raffle.  The raffle winner would recieve a prize such as a homework pass, or sitting at the teacher's desk for a day (a class favorite)!

While this is an effective way of classroom management, there is a new alternative to the clip chart game. The "Character Trait Clip Chart" promotes all positive behavior.  Instead of "clipping down," this chart is only for "clip ups." Students earn their clip on the chart by displaying character traits from the 6 Pillars of Character.  Students can also recieve a certificate for getting their clip on the chart.
Character Trait Clip Chart includes 7 different traits and an award certificate

I like this alternative because it doesn't draw toward negative attention.  It promotes a positive environment, as the negative behaviors can be handled without the student "clipping down" in front of the whole class, which many bring out other negative energy.

The clipchart alternative can also be used with a positive reward system. Students can earn raffle tickets for getting their name on the chart, much like the original.  It could also be used with Class Dojo, earning students points. I like the idea of Class Dojo because negative points will also hold students accountable, and gives leighway to address negative behaviors without being centerstage.

The intensions of the "Character Trait Clip Chart" are to promote a positive learning enviornment. There has been so much hate in the world recently, and the point of this clip chart is to bring out the good in the classroom.

Download the "Character Trait Clip Chart" on TSN's Teachers Pay Teachers page.

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