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The Teacher Sharing Network is a website for educators that features lesson plans, teaching pedagogy, and other educational resources.  On this site, content can be found for any subject and grade level.  The Teacher Sharing Network provides opportunities for current and prospective teachers to share lessons, ideas, and educational thoughts with each other.
The Teaching Sharing Network was created in 2013 by Amanda Orr.  She started the website as her student teaching portfolio, but wanted to expand the site to create networking opportunities for other teachers.

Philosophy of Education

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Teacher Sharing Network's Team of Teachers
Amanda Orr is a 2014 graduate of the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  She majored in Middle Grades Preparation (MGP), a track of education.  She is certified to teach pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  Her concentration areas are math and language arts.  She also minored in Elementary Mathematics and Communication Studies.  She is currently a 5th grade teacher, but has also taught 3rd and 4th grade. Amanda is also pursuing her Master's Degree in education.
Outside of the classroom, sports are Amanda’s favorite hobby.  She enjoys watching baseball, particularly rooting for her favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies. Amanda also wrote for Phillies Nation, a Phillies and baseball related website.

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